Before & After Photos

These before and after photos show how we’ve transformed rugs, carpets and upholstery for our customers.

Our professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning service uses a six step process to not only ensure impressive results, but also to maintain the health of the carpet. Deep carpet cleaning removes the dried soils and particulates from the bottom of carpet.

Mouldy sofa

This sofa had sat in a damp room in Glenrothes for several months while a property renovation was taking place. The mould was removed and the sofa deep cleaned.

We are able to clean upholstery on most chairs and fabric sofas, so even if it looks irreversible, send us a photo or ask for a free, no obligation quote.

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Living room carpet

Notice the red wine stain (top left) and the ground-in mud by the front door (right), this was a tenant freshening up their flat in Lundin Links in order to keep their landlord happy!

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Removing Coca Cola

Fizzy drinks can do a lot of damage – Irn Bru and Coke are especially harmful to carpets and must be treated carefully, with proper technique and professional chemicals. Amateur attempts at removing Coke stains can make things much worse. Naturally, we got it out, and the client in Kirkcaldy is very happy.

The customer said the stain had been there for nearly a decade!

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Conference chair

Needless to say, the customer was delighted! This is a chair from a waiting room at a medical practice in Fife, which sees constant use. The customer originally asked for a quote for carpet cleaning, but enquired after chair cleaning too, and was glad she did… they’re as good as new!

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Would you like to know more?

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